Safelink Wireless for Low Income Earner

Safelink Wireless is a program established the for the low income earner. The program is a move done by the US government to provide affordable cell phones with an active call and text plan for everyone. Interested participants must meet certain guidelines to own a free cell phone with an active call and text plan. Only one cell phone with an active call and text plan can be given to one household. Visit this site for more details:

Three call and text plan can be activated the moment a free cell phone is issued to the participant.

Safelink Wireless Plans Free Minutes Per Month Monthly Minute Rollover Text Message Rate International Long Distance
Plan A 68 min* Included 3 texts = 1 plan minute Yes
Plan B 125 min Included 1 text = 1 plan minute No
Plan C 250 min Not standard** 1 text = 1 plan minute No
*Customers in Massachusetts only receive 80 monthly minutes.
**Customers must top up to have minutes rolled over

Safelink wireless is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless. Tracfone Wireless provides top up credits to Safelink wireless users to add additional call and text credits to the standard plan that was subscribed to. Tracfone offers top up cards in different denominations sold in major establishments in the US.

Safelink Wireless operates major US states. Living in these states makes you qualify for a Safelink Wireless cell phone with an active call and text plan:

Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington DC.

If you are participating in the programs listed below then your chance of getting a Safelink Wireless cell phone with an active call and text plan will be greater:

  • Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • National Free School Lunch, Federal Housing/Section 8 Assistance
  • Other certain state public assistance programs.


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Owner Sale of Properties Saves on High Commissions

I would see signs that said by owner for sale. I could not figure out why I was seeing so many more of them recently. The reason I was paying attention to homes for sale is because we had been talking about selling two of the rental properties we own. The cash would get us out of debt, making the loss of any rental income not even a concern. However, I did not want a big chunk of the sale price for the properties to be going to a real estate agent or agency when I could do most of the work myself. Continue reading

How to select a small office space for rent for start ups?

Every business regardless of its size and scale of success has few obvious investments. The same applies for start-up ventures. Though the concept of “anytime anywhere office” is fast catching up with mobile workers, but every customer or user looks for a physical point of contact. If yours is a start up then paying a huge rent would not prove beneficial. It’s best to rent out a small space.  Here are some important ways for selecting a small office space for rent.


  • Get the apt location – When you are starting a business visibility is very important. Therefore, select an office space that is centrally located and has convenient conveyance options in terms of bus routes or metro stations. Location impacts the exposure, which is crucial for every start up firm.
  • Check the space available – A small business set up does not mean that only a single person will be working. You would eventually have plans to hire a couple of employees and staff. It is important therefore to check whether the small office space for rent that you are opting in for has the capacity to support your expected employee strength.
  • Consider the interior decor - Before finalizing on an office space, it is important to take into consideration the style and interior decor of the place.  The office space should offer you the scope to enhance it with attractive decor whilst maintaining a corporate decorum. Employees are always motivated to offer their best if they have a bright workplace to work in. Dull backgrounds and a jaded set up looks bland and is not conducive to the zest and zeal that is needed for a start up. Furthermore, it is also helpful if you ask the owner that whether you can modify the office space once you start operations before renting it out.
  • Get a good price – This is the most critical aspect start-up entrepreneurs sometimes lose some of the best plot due to a steep price. There are also situations when they end up paying more because they did not search other options and compare the prices. For an entrepreneur looking for a small office space for rent means wise decision in terms of cost. So conducting an extensive market research and comparing price details is essential. It also helpful to go and visit the place once to attain better value for money.


When you are searching for an Meeting rooms internet is one of the best tools to use. You can post a small ad about your requirement online on selected sites and even in your social media profile. This way you also have your friends and acquaintances helping you to find the best place.

For The iPad and iPhone

Through our extensive review of hundreds of games for the iPad and iPhone , we have three games we feel are the top free games for the iPad and iPhone are identified .

Dragon Vale – Flaming Hot – Free iPhone and iPad Games Dragon Vale is still one of the top -selling iPad and iPhone Apps and is still one of the top free iPad and iPhone games . Gameplay and great graphics and overall gaming experience is one of the best . The iPad and iPhone game lets you raise and care for your own magical dragons in Dragon Vale , creating a park full of adorable and friendly dragons by hatching them , feeding them , and watching them grow . Share your dragon land with your friends and help each other with gifts . You can even breed your dragons to create . With a new and exciting type of playing this iPhone app iPad and you will find yourself hopelessly addicted to hatching and caring for adorable dragons . You will eat treat yourself , watch them grow , building and decorating their habitats , and inviting others to see them floating island their home . You can even choose your own pair for breeding , or setting up dragon competitions in the Colosseum . See more games on Game Review.

30-Year-Fixed Mortgage Rates Remain Relatively Flat

177428653-300x200The average for the 30 – year fixed-rate mortgages rose to 4.28 percent , up slightly from 4.23 percent last week , according to a recent survey of mortgage buyers Freddie Mac . Although the increase was small , it was the first time the 30 -year fixed rate mortgage increased in 2014 . Average of 4.53 per cent popular loan in early 2014 was 3.53 percent last year .

15 – year average of interest rates remain the same week in – week to 3.33 percent . An average of 3.55 percent at the beginning of this year , and 2.77 percent were in the previous year .

Averages for hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages are mixed . At 3.08 percent last week , the five -year ARM at 3.05 percent trend now . A year ago , an average of 2.64 percent . The one -year ARM rising to 2.55 percent from 2.51 percent last week . An average of 2.61 percent at this time last year .

” Mortgage rates were little changed amid light week of economic reports , ” Frank Nothaft , vice president and chief economist for Freddie Mac , said in a statement . ” From some of the releases , the economy added 113,000 jobs [ PDF ] in January , which is lower than the market consensus forecast and followed the slight upward revision of 1,000 jobs in December . Meanwhile , the unemployment rate fell to 6.6 percent , of which 13 made ​​a month in a row without an increase . ”

Mortgage rates have continued to rise in December after the Federal Reserve announced that it would begin with – bond buying stimulus program in January taps . This program has helped offset the dramatic rise in property prices and the increasing affordability held while the market has stabilized . However , prices have eased in the new concerns that the market will not be able to support . Dramatic shift upward in house prices

Despite the recent economic report , the housing market in general continues to show signs of recovery .

Looking to the future , perhaps in the short term because of the increase coming in January employment report . In the last mortgage Trend Survey by , 63 percent of the average analysts believe will be increased while keeping . A quarter of analysts who believe the rate is stable in the coming week

” I started reviewing an immediate increase in wage growth , ” said Assistant Managing Editor Lewis Holden . ” Frankly , I think this as a comment on the increase in population will come in unicorns , but if investors are somehow convinced that the increase in wages and hours into , then we ‘ll see . Increase in mortgage rates “

Hochzeit Anna Maria Island

Are you currently planning for a wedding soon? Perhaps you have reserved a beach venue from one that hosts most of the weddings in Florida or Heiraten in Florida for the large day? Well, a wedding on the beach can be quite exciting. The glamour from the beach could make your marriage an attractive event worth recalling for that relaxation of the lives having a fresh imagination of each and every step. Your wedding photos, on the beach, can make an ideal illustration of an elegant wedding. But there’s something you should think about when planning this type of wedding. You will find so various kinds of wedding dresses you may choose from. But due to the character of the venue, a couple of things may come into account. Wedding dresses for beach wedding will vary and therefore you should think about the design and style different.

When you select a beach for the marriage, you need to know the type of mood your union will have is quite different from what goes on in chapel. A beach is really a relaxed and relaxed type of venue for the wedding. It has an implication for your wedding. It breaks from the sanctified, chapel type of wedding. Therefore, wedding dresses for beach wedding will certainly differ in this situation. Individuals don’t anticipate seeing the type of dresses they see in the chapel. You will have to select a casual kind of wedding dress in to complement the type of setting you’ve selected.

A beach is without doubt a really fantastic place to be your wedding day. It’s really a large amount of fun due to its character. When you select a beach like a venue for the wedding, the sense you develop is not only getting a wedding. You are very likely to possess plenty of fun in your wedding day. What therefore cuts the main difference if this involves selecting wedding dresses for beach wedding? Due to the character from the beach, you are very likely an atmosphere quite breezy and windy. A wedding dress having a very lengthy veil isn’t just the best factor to consider. Think about a close fitting wedding dress in to be comfy in your wedding day.

Selecting a beach for any wedding venue can be quite thrilling. Yes, your large day can be really attractive, but you should think about the characteristics of the wedding venue. Whenever you book a beach, you’ll know that it will have an affect on the general plans for the marriage, and more importantly for that bride and also the bridesmaids. Since you cannot avoid sand around the beach, wedding dresses for beach wedding ought to be free from curves and pleats and laces in which sand could possibly get trapped in to result in you discomfort.

When selecting wedding dresses for beach wedding, take into account that photos are part of your wedding that depend a great deal around the dress you’ll be putting on. Due to the character from the beach, you should know that you desire to consider photos in water and usually across the beach. Wedding dresses for beach wedding shouldn’t be lengthy veiled because it may be disturbing.

If you’re planning a beach wedding or “normal” marriage soon, you need to look for tips that enable you to save lots of money. Your large day celebrated in the beach does not need to be costly.

To know more about Wedding Anna Maria Island or Hochzeit Anna Maria Island , please visit our website for more detailed information.