Feds Seek New Rules to Help Troubled Homeowners

MW-CZ772_forecl_20141120160136_ZHFor mortgage holders attempting to round out advance changes heap of records in the trust of dodging abandonment, there is nothing more disappointing than discovering that the bank (or home loan servicer) has exchanged the credit to an alternate bank amidst the preparation period.

The exchange is frequently the customer does not know the status of their change and some of the time oblige them to begin the methodology once more.

Presently the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) needs to change that.

Under the proposed new Thursday by purchaser associations, banks and other advance servicers (typically a monetary foundation contract installments and letters to gather explanations), who took a credit under the past administration principles, they must conform to the terms and understandings inside the same time span as the past bank .

What’s more, if the borrower finished a concurrence with a bank credit workout prior before the advance is exchanged, the new head to assess inside 30 days, prompt the central government. The legislature additionally said that if the new bank chief or oblige additional data, then the bank will in any case need to keep gatekeeper shield set up.

As per Black Knight Financial Services, around 3.8 million of beset credits in the US from September 2014, down from highs of 7.7 million in January 2010.

The CFPB likewise called the bank and the borrower servicers quicker when their credit workout application is finished, so they realize that by and large, the bank won’t continue with the dispossession transform through the courts, while working outside the high revisions.

Likewise, bank establishments and other home loan servicers don’t offer the same assurance shield over the term of the advance, not once. This will borrowers who have past change however fell behind again because of occupation misfortune or demise in the family, which their capacity to reimburse the credit to help the ache. Also, the establishment additionally obliged banks to a more extensive push to relatives who debilitate premiums in home abandonments may have and offer them the same assurance they normally bring to the table unique borrower. Definite conditions will now be moved to the house after a separation or division from a guardian to a tyke or when a borrower who is a joint inhabitant in an abode, passed on.

The central government additionally needs to make it harder for banks to “double track” borrowers, ie, the borrower round out an advance alteration reports, yet at the same time running the dispossession process. Dodd-Frank budgetary change law of 2010 restricted banks to resume dispossession when the borrower finish the advance adjustment demand, however said the org does not generally happen. “Now and again, the borrower does not get this security,” CFPB Director Richard Cordray said in an announcement.

Setting Up a Small Business

The business I have been doing on the side is going to turn into the main event for me, although I am not sure that I am ready. It is something I have been preparing for since my boss retired. We dreaded what he would do and when he put his son in charge the smart people in the office began preparing for what we would do after we left the jobs we had. I expedited the matter by standing up to him when he was bullying a lady who merely told him the truth. I already had serviced office space ready though and I moved into the new place this morning. It is bigger than a cubicle, but that is about it. It is big enough for what I am doing and it seems like I am going to have to think about partners before long. There are a couple of guys in the office who knew about this all along and they were sort of on the fence.

Of course I am pretty sure that Jake just wanted to be sure that I was serious and not just blowing smoke. He is a cautious man and this involves a great amount of risk. I am a single person and so if I take risks the implications only impact my situation and I can learn to live on a pretty meager income while things are tight. Jake has a wife and a two year old girl to think about, so if he takes a big chance and it goes South on him, things go South for the two of them also. It was lucky for me that I did not have to fret about stuff like that. I just figured that I had a pretty simple choice to make.

Started Looking for a New Place

I was pretty happy where I have been living, at the Arbors apartments in Columbia SC. It is close enough to where I work and the rent was fine so long as Jack and I were splitting it, but obviously Jack is not in the picture now. He got transferred to the office in Myrtle Beach, he is going to get a promotion and he told me that I could come up there and play golf with him any time I wanted. Of course I do not play golf. This place is great, but it is a two bedroom apartment and I have to have another person to split the rent with me if I am going to be able to stay here. I do not really know any other person that I would want to take a chance on. Jack had a better job than I did and he was absolutely rock solid when it comes to paying his bill. Continue reading

Exploring the Beautiful Culture of Singapore

When we moved to Singapore, it was the last place that I ever expected to find myself enjoying. I admit that growing up in the United States impressed upon me a narrow world view of things and as such, when I was told I would be moving to Singapore with the rest of the family to finish out high school at home with my mother, I was less than pleased. Honestly, I was a rather racist teenager but I was not even aware of the fact. Even living in an executive condo 2014, as my father was lucky enough to be granted a well paying job along with the security that came with such a high powered position, I was unappreciative of the natural beauty and rich culture that surrounded me. Continue reading

Safelink Wireless for Low Income Earner

Safelink Wireless is a program established the for the low income earner. The program is a move done by the US government to provide affordable cell phones with an active call and text plan for everyone. Interested participants must meet certain guidelines to own a free cell phone with an active call and text plan. Only one cell phone with an active call and text plan can be given to one household. Visit this site for more details: http://govcellphones.org/safelink-wireless-program/

Three call and text plan can be activated the moment a free cell phone is issued to the participant.

Safelink Wireless Plans Free Minutes Per Month Monthly Minute Rollover Text Message Rate International Long Distance
Plan A 68 min* Included 3 texts = 1 plan minute Yes
Plan B 125 min Included 1 text = 1 plan minute No
Plan C 250 min Not standard** 1 text = 1 plan minute No
*Customers in Massachusetts only receive 80 monthly minutes.
**Customers must top up to have minutes rolled over

Safelink wireless is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless. Tracfone Wireless provides top up credits to Safelink wireless users to add additional call and text credits to the standard plan that was subscribed to. Tracfone offers top up cards in different denominations sold in major establishments in the US.

Safelink Wireless operates major US states. Living in these states makes you qualify for a Safelink Wireless cell phone with an active call and text plan:

Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington DC.

If you are participating in the programs listed below then your chance of getting a Safelink Wireless cell phone with an active call and text plan will be greater:

  • Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • National Free School Lunch, Federal Housing/Section 8 Assistance
  • Other certain state public assistance programs.


Visit this site for more details: http://govcellphones.org/safelink-wireless-program/


Coastal Equities Delivers Four Clear-Cut Ways to Take Control of Your Finances

Out of control finances are like a stampede – you never know what way they will turn or what they will trample over in their cavalcaded wake. With good discipline and will power, however, you will be able to tame the wild beast.

Coastal Equities has been helping people with their personal finances for many years. During this time, there have been a few tricks that he has learned. Four of these proven, yet simple, methods will be shared with you, so you can reclaim financial freedom sooner rather than later.

Banish Credit Cards

Just start thinking of your credit cards like they are evil. High interest debt that is designed to keep you paying for decades, literally. That’s what banks are banking on. And most often, they are right. Instead, hide those cards. Train yourself to learn that you if you don’t have the money in the bank to buy it, you can’t afford it!

Say NO to Eating Out

Eating out once in a while is good. But more often than that will eat up your finances like a hungry monster. Dining out costs at least 400 times more than eating in. So if you are OK with wasting money all the time, then don’t be surprised when your bank account heckles you end of the month.

Assess Your Equity

What equity do you have that you can tap to pay off high interest debts? The goal is to swap them out for a lower and more feasible interest rate. Home equity and car equity can work nicely for this, provided you are getting a reasonable interest rate that makes it worthwhile.

Project Your Budget

Project your budget using budgeting software and charts. Often, seeing is indeed believing. Once you are able to see what you can save and what you have been wasting, it’s much easier to reprogram your brain to save more and spend less.

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Make Use Of Cold Weather Plumbing Tips To Prevent Clogging Of Pipes

As the winter season is approaching, you should prepare to overcome the problems caused by frozen pipes.  Most of the homeowners need to invest additional amount for soaring heating cost and dropping temperature. Apart from this higher energy cost, cold weather brings a lot of additional expenses in terms of broken heating units and frozen pipes. Here are some of the cold weather plumbing tips that prevent you from spending a lot on frozen pipes. You must prevent exterior pipes from getting broken by protecting the outside faucets. You must detach outside garden hoses and then insulate the faucets to beat the frigid weather. Insulating the exposed exterior pipes is also a reliable way to prevent the pipes from getting frozen. Apart from protecting the exterior pipes, interior pipes should also be protected. To ensure this, you can turn on the inside faucet and thereby allowing it to drip during the winter snaps. Even in the most extreme cold cases, the running water prevents the pipes from freezing.

Most of the homeowners often forget about protecting the pipes in the utility spaces including basement. The pipes in the basement are also prone to freeze during severe weather. You must protect these utility spaces from cold and should remember to insulate the pipes as well. Apart from preventing exterior and interior pipes from cold weather, you must also prevent clogged drains. The pipes and drains of your home can get clogged during winter season. The cold weather has the tendency to solidify the fats and this may result in clogged drains. You can prevent clogged drains by avoiding pouring oil, grease and other hard to dissolve foods into the drain or via garbage disposal. You can make use of eco friendly drain cleaner to prevent this drain clogging. You can follow these home safety tips which are confined to prevent frozen and clogged pipes during winter.